Live the Game

Our Story

Wherever you go in our beloved kingdom, you will find children playing football with enthusiasm and passion, you will see them wearing world-class players’ shirts and even copying their skills and celebrations, those gifted children thrive for an opportunity to play football in a better condition and safer environment rather than unleashing their skills in the streets and limiting their talent in the alleys.

Hence, the idea of the “Haretna” league started, where we will always seek promoting the values of persistence, teamwork and discipline, building a mentality of fair play, healthy competition and sportsmanship, we will provide suitable and safe environment for age categories to play football in a professional way, so that this league becomes the best in providing Jordanian football with promising talents closest to professionalism.

at "Haretna"

Our Vision

Build a generation who elevate the Jordanian Football.

Our Mission

Promoting sport values ​ and bridging the gap between professional and amateur football by providing age categories with an opportunity to play football in an approach similar to professional leagues.

Our Values

At Haretna we promote:



Respect for the game, the team and the opponent



Dedication to playing football through discipline and persistence



Commitment to sportsmanship and enjoy playing football


Team Spirit

Constantly playing in a team Spirit